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Prevent lost pages and disorganization with these quality binder clips and fasteners. Ideal for any project, including training manuals, reports, reference guides, menus and more, these functional fasteners are ideal for references that often need to be altered or changed, as they allow you to easily remove pages or sections quickly. We carry fasteners and posts in many sizes to meet the needs of every project, from bulky manuals to slim reference guides.

At 11x17, we keep a large assortment of versatile plastic comb binder fasteners on hand that give your reports and presentations a professional appearance. You can use plastic comb binding with any standard 19-ring comb binding system and select from a variety of colors to match your company's colors. We also offer EZ Comfort Angle-D Rings that can be used to replace existing rings in a binder as well as aluminum screw post sets that bind materials in a simple and attractive way.

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