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When you already know a document is going to be put in a binder, Holmberg copy paper can help it hold fast. Since 1958, Holmberg Company has been producing innovative paper products from their Minnesota headquarters. Through their DocuCopy business paper and Mazina media paper brands, they make paper that is optimized for modern digital printers and copiers. We carry reinforced Holmberg office paper at that is made for use in three-ring binders, booklets and guides. With this specialty paper, you won't have to worry about pages tearing loose in the middle of a big presentation.

We are focused on solution-based products, and Holmberg has solved the problem of flimsy hole-punched paper ripping out of your binder. Their binder-ready paper has a left edge that's been reinforced with a Mylar® strip so it will not bunch or tear as you're flipping through a booklet. Order 8.5" x 11" reinforced copy paper for standard office projects or 11" x 17" binder paper for ledgers and engineering diagrams. If you order pre-punched three-hole paper, you'll save time on report prep because you won't have to punch holes yourself! We also have reinforced edge paper with no holes that you can customize for spiral binding or comb binding.

Holmberg white paper is available in 50-sheet small packs or 500-sheet reams. Each option has been engineered to lay perfectly flat in your printer or copier so they won't jam during production. You'll be more confident at presentations knowing your paper is made for frequent handling and won't escape the binder at an inopportune moment. If you have questions about this paper, call or email us for expert assistance from a team with decades of office supply experience. We are a family-owned business that backs up our functional products and low prices with excellent service for every customer no matter how big or small.

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