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Whether you need to bring certain documents to a meeting or have years' worth of files to organize at the main office, you will need a good way to keep track of them all. Find the right solution for your filing system with office folders. We carry durable filing folders in an assortment of sizes and colors to secure your company's most important documents. Many people also use them in their homes to organize personal files and projects. Add these file system folders to your desk drawers or filing cabinet so you can easily find what you're looking for when you need it.

Our folders come from the leading office supply brands. Ruby Pauling 11" x 17" file folders in white and manila are slightly oversized to completely cover tabloid-size documents. Made for use in the office or on the go, these spacious folders come in packs of 60 ready to be labeled. Durable poly filing folders are made of a special plastic that won't stain or crease, giving documents extra protection. If you need to bring a lot of paperwork with you for a presentation or event, an expanding wallet folder acts as a miniature filing cabinet. Traditional oversize Essette hanging file folders are a trusty standby that can hold files directly or be sub-divided with smaller folders.

These premium file holders are made of durable materials and come in a variety of colors, from standard manila and dark green to black and red folders. Many of them pair perfectly with storage systems such as rolling file carts and wall pockets. We offer bulk discounts with most orders as well to help you save. The next time you have documents starting to pile up and get mixed together, shop at for quality solutions to store legal documents, charts, letters, forms and a lot more. Contact us by phone or email if you're looking for other ways to stay organized.

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