11x17 Hanging File Folders (25 per pack)

Ruby Paulina LLC.

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Hanging file folders for your 11" x 17" tabloid paper. They are sturdy, hanging folders by Ruby Paulina. 11x17 Hanging File Folders are specifically made to hold 11" x 17" documents and drawings. They are available in 25-count packs (included plastic tabs & labels). Hanging file construction is 0.01" blue fiberboard with 0.05" metal hangers. Each hanging folder is 18" x 11.0875 (11-7/8") in size. These hanging file folders have been wax coated, to increase it's durability, especially at wear points. The steel bar hooks are higher than industry standards to support heavier 11x17 sheets. Each folder comes slotted for plastic tab insertion that aids in filing organization. The hanging file bar hooks are secured in place with glue and the entire bar is painted white, this creates a professional look as well as provides some rust protection due to the environment. Every hanging file folder is pre-scored to allow a maximum 2" base thickness, which will reduce the height to 11" (11 inches).

These folders are specifically intended to file 11" x 17" sheets. They are, "to the best of our knowledge," the only true 11x17 hanging file folders in production. This product can be used for vertical file storage in our rolling file cart, or 11x17 file box. Note that this folder features a 12" height, it is unlikely to fit in most regular size filing cabinets. Each hanging file folder does have slots cut at the top to insert a plastic tab for labeling and organization. We do include these plastic tabs in every package sold. Difference in Hanging File Folders

Correct Size

These folders are specifically sized to accommodate 11" x 17" Tabloid size sheets. No other manufacturer makes these 11x17 hanging file folders. We have spent years researching and developing this product to create the best professional 11x17 hanging file folder. Other retailers (including ourselves) have sold oversized file folders that are adequate, but not made specifically for 11x17 paper.


Folders are made from a very thick 0.01" paperboard material. These filing folders feature a poly laminated reinforcement at the wear point to prolong the lifespan of the product. The folders have a blue exterior color, and a brown interior color to help prevent misfiling. Hanging file folders feature a steel hanging hook system. This product is made in China.

Filing Accessories

This hanging file folder is ready for use right out of the box. We already include a package of clear plastic tabs for folder identification. Some users want additional accessories to complete their 11x17 organizational filing system. Additional accessories we offer include 11x17 3 tab filing folders, in both white and manila, and Expanding file wallets.

Storage Option

These 11x17 hanging file folders are perfector or organizing your 11x17 documents and drawings. For daily access needs, we suggest using our new 11x17 File Cart. For Long-Term storage needs, we would suggest using our 11x17 File Box. Both were made to specifically hold these 11x17 Hanging File Folders and its accessories. We are currently working on a Vertical Filing Cabinet and look forward to bringing it to you soon.

11x17 Clipboard Dimensions

Illustration of the 11x17 Clipboard light brown with low profile clip


Outside Length Outside Width Board Thickness Weight
19-7/16 inch
11-9/16 inch
1/8 inch

Panel Featuring a 1" Round Ring Black

Return new, unused products within 30 days for a refund. Minimum 10% Restocking fee may apply.

Return new, unused products within 30 days for a refund. Minimum 10% Restocking fee may apply.

Packaging and Shipping

This product is sold individually. Each 11x17 Clipboards is individually wrapped in shrink film. To prevent dust contamination and scratches. Cases are packaged in bundles of 24 pieces. We will repackage any quantity size order based on the quantity purchased.

Our preferred carrier is UPS. In-stock items typically ship the following business day. Transit time is based on the service you choose at checkout, and distance from our Jacksonville, Texas warehouse. On average 3-5 business days.

UPS Truck

Measurements & Weights

The extra wide 4.72 inch low profile clip features: a retractable hanging hole to hang on walls, and two rubber boots that helps grip the sheet down.

Measurements & Weights

11x17 Clipboard Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is this a sturdy clipboard?

Answer: The 3mm thick board is considered a standard board thickness. Users looking for a "Heavy-Duty" clipboard might be interested in this product.

Question: How many pages can this hold?

Answer: We suggest no more than 25 pages of 24lb 11x17 standard copy paper.

Question: Does this clipboard have a hanging hole?

Answer: Yes, there is a retractable hanging hole built into the clip.

Product Warranty

We warranty the product for 30 days agains defects caused by poor craftsmanship, defective hardware or materials.

In-Transit damages

Report in-transit damages within 7 days of receiving to our service department for replacements.

Return information

Return new, unused products within 30 days for a refund. Minimum 10% Restocking fee may apply.


Engineering companies use these clipboards when as-build drafts are printed and reviewed during inspection referencing. An advantage to using these clipboards are when walking from site to site they are provide a solid and smooth surface for writing.

Computer Animated Drafting CAD

CAD Drafting software like AutoCAD from AutoDesk have revolutionise the drafting world. Design companies can draw and print their designs on desktop computers and print in office with an 11x17 printer. Typically design firms will have 1000's of designs on hard-disk. When presenting these designs to customers they will display them in binders with sheet protectors for the presentation to clients.

Holds 11" x 17" Tabloid size paper

Holds 25 pages

Clip located on 11" Side

Hanging hole built into clip

1 Clipboard

Made in China

Special Key Features

Hardboard Used

Made from a smooth 1/8" thick environmentally friendly medium density compressed fiberboard.

Clip Used

The extra wide 4.72 inch low profile clip features: a retractable hanging hole to hang on walls, and two rubber boots that helps grip the sheet down.


The larger board allows users to comfortable write and draw all the way to the page ends.

Packaging Measurements & Weights

Quantity Length Width Height Weight

1 Piece





12 Pieces





Full Case (24)





Approximate measurements and weights are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Extra Information

Ruby Paulina LLC.
Sold By:
Office & Field
Made in:
Media Size:
Landscape (Vertical)
Polylaminate reinforced wear points.

Warranty Information

We warranty the product for Six (6) months against defects caused by poor craftsmanship, defective hardware or materials. Manufactured Seconds and Custom products may not be refunded, returned, or exchanged.

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