Lamination Pouches

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Our 100-sheet packs of lamination pouches from 11x17 will protect and preserve your important documents. These pouches from Ruby Paulina LLC are not self-adhesive, so please use with your laminating machine. 

Our lamination pouches are oversized, so it's easy to slip in your letter-size or tabloid-size documents. We have pouches to hold 8.5" x 11" documents, 11" x 17" drawings or paper or legal-size papers. Secure 18" x 24" documents. Enjoy big discounts on bulk orders.

At 11x17, we deliver fast, and we ship free on qualifying orders. We have built our worldwide customer base on our reputation for premium specialty office products and superior customer service. Whether it's a two-man legal office or an international engineering firm, we can equip your offices and worksites with smartly designed paper, folders, portfolios, binders, filing systems and storage containers.