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A3 (297mm x 420mm)

Need a simple storage solution for your 297mm x 420mm documents? These binders from 11x17 offer the protection you need to keep your A3-sized paperwork in great shape. Each one of the 297mm x 420mm binders available at 11x17 have durable, thick chipboard covers that have been heat-sealed with three layers of vinyl. These A3 binders also feature a heavy-rib hinge that secures a stable shape and allows for easy stacking or filing. 

Another benefit of using 297mm x 420mm A3 binders from 11x17 is that our sizes refer to sheet size, not the actual size of the binder. Each binder is actually slightly longer to provide ample space for any tab dividers or sheet protectors you'd like to include in your document storage. Use these durable 297mm x 420mm binders landscape binders made from top-quality materials for your storage, presentation and filing needs.

Ruby Paulina LLC

Ruby Paulina A3 2" Angle-D 3-Ring Vinyl View Binder with no thumb boosters (710910_710980)


This A3 2" binder from 11x17 features heavy-duty angle-D rings that hold more pages than standard round rings. These rings also protect your documents better because they keep them lying flat on the back panel. The exterior of this binder is made with...

Out of stock

Ruby Paulina LLC.

Ruby Paulina A3 2" Angle-D 4-Ring Vinyl View Binder with no thumb boosters (White) (717980)


Keep your office more organized with this A3 three-ring binder from 11x17. This three-ring binder features a set of heavy-duty angle-D rings that let your pages lie flat for better viewing. These rings also hold more than standard round rings, and the...

Out of stock

Ruby Paulina LLC

Ruby Paulina A3 2'' Angle-D Ring Vinyl View Binder (717910_717980)


Use this convenient A3 2" black binder to keep your four-hole-punch documents organized. Popular in European offices, this four-ring binder features angle-D rings inside, which hold more pages than round rings and allow all pages to lie flat. This...

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