CASE 11x17 Reinforced 3 Hole Paper - Holes on 11'' Side (500 Sheets per package)(4 Reams per Case)



11x17 Reinforced Paper

Print your 11x17 documents and drawings on these reinforced sheets. Helps prevent pages from accidentally tearing out of binders. This is accomplished by reinforcing the holes with a mylar (plastic) strip at the edge. This plastic film increases the pages durability and helps prevent the page from ripping apart. Use for any document requiring frequent handling. These sheets are engineered to lay perfectly flat for jam-free production. Sheets are already hole-punched and ready for easy incorporation in your 11x17 binder. Time will be saved without having to punch and reprint pages that tear.

Key Features of our 11x17 Reinforced Paper

  1. 11" x 17" paper Tabloid Sheet Size for Engineering plans, drawings, and prints
  2. Pre-Hole drilled to incorporate in 11x17 3-Ring Binders & Screwpost portfolios
  3. No build-up due to reinforcement side film
  4. 24lb copy paper for business forms
  5. 92 bright pages for great read-ability and contrast

11x17 Reinforced Paper details

Comparing other paper types & printing

Our 11x17 reinforced paper is a 24lb bond which is the same as a 60lb text and a 33lb cover. These are not the actual physical weights of the sheets but rather the descriptions of the thicknesses. After selling these pages to professionals for years we have never had anyone tell us these pages did not work in their printer.

Pro Tip: When you first open your package, take your finger and run along the reinforced edge to fan/seperate all the pages. We have noticed that due to prolong storage lenghts these pages get stuck together. By fanning them prior to putting in your printer this helps reduce page jams.

Actual Printing Area & hole spacing

Due to the reinforcing tape edge, you may not be able to print entirely to all four edges. This is mostly due to the type of printer you are using. Most 11x17 laser printers can print as close as 0.25" to any edge. Here is a photo that shows you all the dimensions and measurements of our 11x17 reinforced paper with the 3-holes pre-drilled.Illustration of 11x17 Reinforced 3-Hole paper
Users will also need to know that these pages are 3-hole punched/drilled. The hole pattern is standard for 3-ring 11x17 binders. Holes are 4.25" Center to Center and span 8.5 inches. This particular product is hole punched on the 11" side to use with our Landscape 11x17 binders.

Ream size & Case sizes

These 11x17 reinforced sheets are packaged in paper wrappers and then enclosed in our plastic film. We shrink wrap every ream. The helps ensure you will receive your paper in great condition. Each ream has 500 sheets of the tabloid size paper. Cases have 2000 sheet (4 Reams). A ream roughly weighs 12.5lbs. A case weights 50lbs. We can accommodate your larger orders for pallets of 40 cartons.

Testing our Reinforced 3-Hole paper

We did a short video of our 11x17 Reinforced 3-Hole paper in a binder and demonstrated it's ability to resist tearing out pages. Enjoy.

Extra Information

Media Size:
11x17 Landscape
Made in:
Sold By:
Hole Pattern:
Standard 3-Hole Punch 4.25" Center to Center

Warranty Information

We warranty the product for Six (6) months against defects caused by poor craftsmanship, defective hardware or materials. Manufactured Seconds and Custom products may not be refunded, returned, or exchanged.