11x17 Sheet Protectors side loading with 3-holes 25 Sleeves Durable Archival safe Crystal Clear

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11x17 Sheet protectors to protect your 11" x 17" tabloid size documents and designs. These sheet protectors are made from archival-safe polypropylene. They feature a quality design to ensure users a maximum life-span and ultimate protection. This model sheet protector feature 3-holes on the 11" side for a landscape presentation. Documents slide in on the 11" side near the holes. This sheet protector includes a 3-hole pattern that fits in any of our 11x17 binders. Protect your documents by sliding them into the sleeve, which is open near the holes. Every package is guaranteed to be free from defect and ready for your next engineering project, or art preservation.

Holds 11" x 17" Tabloid size paper

Archival-Safe Acid-Free

Side insert near holes

Holes punched on 11" Side

25 Sheet Protectors per package

Made in China

Plastic Used

Polypropylene makes excellent long-term document storage products. Its unique chemical makeup prevents inks and toners from lifting and attaching to the page protector. This benefit is known as "Archivable," or "no copy transfer." Poly sheet protectors feature a smooth surface and the plastic film used is crystal clear "non-opaque," so drawings and documents will not be distorted.


Another benefit of poly sheet protectors is they are made of thinner plastic. By using a thinner sheet, users can display more pages in their 3-Ring binder. Use the calculator below to find the right size ring binder. Our 11x17 Sheet Protectors are made from a 3.5 mil or 0.0035-inch plastic film sheet. We consider this to be a Standard Weight Sheet Protector. We do offer this sheet protector in a Vinyl version that is thicker, but not Archival quality.

Reinforced Holes

Our sheet protector includes 3 holes pre-punched in every sheet. These holes are cleaned out during manufacturing to reduce waste and provide customers a clean workspace. We have added a white stripe of polypropylene to the holes to ensure maximum durability while turning pages and during use. This reinforced stripe helps prevent your tabloid 11" x 17" pages from ripping out of the binder.

Who uses 11x17 Sheet Protectors

Computer Animated Drafting CAD

CAD Drafting software like AutoCAD from AutoDesk have revolutionise the drafting world. Design companies can draw and print their designs on desktop computers and print in office with an 11x17 printer. Typically design firms will have 1000's of designs on hard-disk. When presenting these designs to customers they will display them in binders with sheet protectors for the presentation to clients.


Engineering companies use these sheet protectors when final drafts are printed and stored for long-term referencing. An advantage to using the poly sheet protector is the ink will not lift during storage. When projects are updated they only remove the documents from the sleeve and replace as needed.

11x17 Sheet Protector Size & Dimensions


Inside Length Inside Width Outside Length Outside Width Thickness
17-3/8 inch
11-3/8 inch
18-1/8 inch
11-7/16 inch
3.5 Mil"
0.0035 inch

Capacity Calculator Tool

Use this simple calculator to help you determine the ring binder you need.

Packing and Shipping

These 11x17 Sheet Protectors are counted into packages of 25 sleeves and then sealed inside a plastic bag. Each bag is encased in a corrugated package for shipping and transit. Our packaging will help ensure your delivery of damage free product. If you do experience an issue with your delivery call us to arrange a replacement.

Bulk Packaging

When a customer buys these sheet protectors in lots of 20 packages we will call and offer them in bulk without the corrugated inner pack. They are still enclosed in a plastic bag. This helps reduce waste which is better for the environment and lowers customers shipping cost. (Win-Win)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Are these shiny/glossy sheets or are they more of a matte finish with any texture or cloudiness on them?

Answer: They are clear with not texture or cloudiness. In brightly lit rooms they can be glossy at certain angles.

Question: Can this hold more than two sheets of paper?

Answer: Yes, we would recommend no more than 5 sheets of paper.

Question: Can you use a dry erase marker on these?

Answer: Yes, a dry erase marker work perfectly on these.

Extra Information

Ruby Paulina LLC.
Sold By:
Package of 25 Sleeves
Media Size:
11x17 (Tabloid)
Bound on Shortest Side
Crystal Clear
Hole Pattern:
Standard 3 hole, (Three) holes, 4.25" (4-1/4 inch) Center to Center
Made in:
Legacy Sku:
Side, Parallel with holes (Adjacent)
Archival Polypropylene
Material Thickness:
3.5 Mil (0.0035 in) Polypropylene

Warranty Information

We warranty the product for Six (6) months against defects caused by poor craftsmanship, defective hardware or materials. Manufactured Seconds and Custom products may not be refunded, returned, or exchanged.