New product 11x17 Hardboard clipboard with low profile clip

New product 11x17 Hardboard clipboard with low profile clip

Published by Seth Wright on Dec 29, 2018

11x17 Hardboard Clipboard with Low Profile Clip

We have decided to introduce a new product available now for purchase online. It's our new 11x17 Hardboard Clipboard featuring a low profile clip. This clipboard is an addition to our already popular hardboard clipboard line with a similar clip. The big difference is the price points, raw materials, and manufacturing country:

Both of these clipboard function the same, the clip is mounted with steel rivets to the center of the 11” side to hold your tabloid 11x17 paper. Both clipboards are oversized to allow users to write all the way to the edge of the paper.

Key differences are the material they are made from. Our older 11x17 clipboard is made from 3/16” Hardboard and is extremely heavy duty for your rough handling. The newer cheaper clipboard is made from wood fibers that are only 1/8” thick. The thicker clipboard does not bend and is stiff and rigid, while the newer clipboard is less rigid and bends quite easily.

Both have the same style of clip, a low profile clip with rubber feet that helps the pages from slipping out. Our original 11x17 clipboard features a heavier style spring and a wider base, which allows users more confidence when carrying. The newer version has a smaller 4” size foot-print that still accommodate the 11x17 paper, but its smaller size and lightweight spring does not accommodate as many sheets as its rival.

11x17 Hardboard Clipboard With 4" Low Profile Clip (544461)

The 544461 11x17 Clipboard Hardboard with low profile clip is made here in America, with American product (excluding the clip) with American workers here in Jacksonville, Texas. We make these products in large quantities for our end users. Every clipboard is carefully cut on our CNC router. We hand sand all the edges to reduce the sharpness of the edge of the clipboard. Our CNC router precisely cuts each board with exact dimensions and pre-drill the holes so ever clip is center on the 11” side with minimum variations. This clipboard is then riveted with steel rivets with our automated hammer and then encased in a plastic film that encapsulated the entire clipboard. Every clipboard is inspected for quality assurance and is re-check at the time of order for assurance free from defects.

The 544462 11x17 Clipboard Hardboard with low profile clip is made in China. We worked with our Chinese manufacturer to bring as much of our quality standards as we could to our new product. Unfortunately, Chinese producers are not as conscientious of our same standards as we are accustomed to. Even tho these clipboards are cut to our specifics there are minor, trivial issues that affect the overall aesthetic of this clipboard. The edges are cut perfectly, but the corners are not as rounded as what we achieve on our router table. The holes for the clips are within maximum tolerances to being level, but they are not perfect. This created an uneven-ness with the board that is noticeable to the eye with closer inspection. Finally, the wrapping of the clipboard in shrink film only protects the board as they secure the clip after they were covered in the film. Leaving the clip exposed to scratching and damaging other products.

The conclusion is, we offer both of these clipboards that hold 11x17 paper. One made in American of quality materials, handcrafted and inspected multiple times but at a higher rate. The other much cheaper made in China from inferior raw materials, produced in a factory with some regards to details. Both have a place in the Engineering desk supplies, just depending on your budget. 

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