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Ring Binder Sheet Capacity. Find ring size by the page count

Ring Binder Sheet Capacity. Find ring size by the page count

Published by Seth Wright on Jan 03, 2019

Binder Sheet Capacity

When choosing what binder to purchase you often already know the number of pages you will be storing. Often times you have a specific engineering project that has already been printed. When ordering online it may not be obvious how large the ring needs to be. By knowing the total number of sheets that will be used you can now determine your ring size for the binder. Use this chart to aid you in finding the correct ring size. We are often called and this information is regularly requested so keep a copy or share with a friend.

PRO TIP: Select a ring slightly larger than the exact number of pages to allow growth.

Binder Sheet Capacity Chart

Sheet Protectors & Sleeves

We have also included the capacity for customers who use sheet protectors. We used two sheets of 24lb copy paper and the sleeve to get our count. Be sure to keep in mind the additional products you may be using also. Like Index tab dividers, or sheet lifters. These additional products will reduce the number of pages your ring binder will hold.

Binder Ring Shapes

1-inch Angle-D Ring used in binder Now that you see all the available ring sizes it's also important to know what the ring shapes differences are and how they will affect your end users.

  • Angle-D ring is secured on the back panel and allow pages to lay flat.
  • Round rings are secured to the spine and require shuffling pages to the center when closing.

Angle-D rings hold more than traditional round rings. History note: First Patent on 3-Ring Binders Link
There is some debate about which ring shape is best used. The majority of our products are made to hold a sheet size of 11" x 17." Due to the larger sheet size, we suggest and sell more Angle-D Rings for larger size binders. We reserve round rings for users holding fewer pages. We hope you enjoyed this post on Binder Sheet Capacity. We are looking forward to bringing you more post like these in the future. Signup for our newsletters to receive more post like this.

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