11x17 Mailer Box tips for mailing your documents

11x17 Mailer Box tips for mailing your documents

Published by Seth Wright on Dec 07, 2018

11x17 Mailer Box

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11x17 Mailer box made from rigid corrugated fiberboard. This mailer box can accommodate your 11" x 17"tabloid/ledger size documents and drawings. It features a smooth white fiberboard facing for professional mailings. Each package includes 4 mailer boxes designed to hold 100 sheets of 24lb paper. The fold-over top flap overlays the bottom to help prevent end users from cutting into your important documents. Bottom flap is secured to edges with industrial hot melt glue to prevent openings during transit.

The inside dimensions are 17.25" (17-1/4 inch) long by 11.375" (11-3/8 inch) wide and has an opening of 0.50" (1/2 inch).

The outside dimensions are 17.5" (17-1/2 inch) long by 11.625" (11-5/8 inch) wide and has a thickness of x 0.875" (7/8 inch).

You know how useful a durable, rigid 11-inch by 17-inch mailer box is for shipping critical business documents, but did you also know that it can be used for secure long-term storage? If you're looking for 11x17 sheet holders to keep schematics, drawings, engineering diagrams and artwork flat and free of damage, these 11x17 mailers are ideal. They protect documents from dirt and edge damage. The overlapping flap also enhances the rigidity.

  • 4 mailers per package
  • 0.5 inch capacity
  • Inside dimensions 17.25 inches by 11.375 inches
  • For ledger and tabloid 11x17 documents