Shipping Information

Free Ground Shipping applies to:

Free Ground Shipping applies to the following orders that meet these requirements:

  • Order Subtotal is $200.00 or more.
  • Ship to address is in the United States, (excludes Alaska, & Hawaii).
  • Order is shipping to a single address.
  • Order can ship UPS ground, or UPS LTL Ground Freight with no additional services and or options.

Free Ground Shipping does not apply to the following orders:

  • Order Subtotal is less than $75.00
  • Ship to address is outside the United States
  • Ship to address is within Alaska or Hawaii*
  • Order is shipping to multiple addresses
  • Orders shipping any other method than UPS Ground
  • Orders shipping UPS LTL Ground Freight with additional delivery options
  • Orders shipping any other method than UPS LTL Ground Freight with out additional delivery options.
  • Orders containing: Discontinued, Liquidated, manufactured seconds, and custom manufactured products

Free Ground Shipping service methods:

The Free Ground Shipping method 11x17 Inc. prefers is UPS Ground, and or UPS LTL Ground Freight.

Free Ground Shipping order processing:

Orders are received in numerical order and packaged and shipped in that order. Express/Rush Orders are given priority above ground orders. All orders that are available to ship, go out within three business days of the placement of the order.

The term "Business Days" refers to Monday-Friday, excluding holidays observed by 11x17 Inc. 

*When shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and outside the United States the shipping and handling is very expensive. In most cases the cost of shipping is higher than the profitability of the merchandise. In an effort to provide superior customer service 11x17 Inc. can ship on our customers carriers account at their expense, some additional fees apply. 11x17 Inc. reserves the right to update, modify or terminate the Free Ground Shipping option without notification. 11x17 does not guarantee delivery times. Please refer to UPS for specific information about delivery dates and their guarantees. 

Ground Shipping Time in Transit (ETA)

Time in transit is based on the distance from our warehouse to the delivery address. On the right is a general illustration of suggested business days your order will be in transit from our location.

*Service Map colors may vary due to differences in hardware and software. This map is a general representation of UPS Ground transit times. For service availability and to calculate the delivery time for a package shipped between a specific origin and destination worldwide, Calculate Time & Cost.

U.S. Shipping Service Guide


UPS Next Day Air Delivery typically by 10:30 a.m. Next Business Day
UPS 2nd Air Delivery typically by end of day 2 Business Days
UPS Ground Delivery based on distance to destination 1-7 Business Days

11x17 Inc. Shipping Guarantee

11x17 Inc. guarantees that we will mark your packages with your requested service method and give the order to the UPS Driver. Should your package not be delivered in the specified time you had requested, please call 11x17 Inc. to request a claim for the shipping and handling charges. It is an industry standard that packages that are late due to "circumstances beyond the carriers control" are not claimable and shipping and handling cost will not be refunded. An example of this Occurrence would be: "Adverse Weather Conditions (Snow Storm) caused a delay."

Shipping Service Area Availability:

Some Services offered by carriers are not available for all areas, particularly rural and residential addresses. To verify service availability please call 11x17 Inc. and request a time in transit quote to your specific address.

Order Process Time:

Order are received in numerical order and packaged and shipped in that order. Express/Rush Orders are given priority above ground orders.

Same Day Rush Shipping

Rush shipping is only available before 3:00 p.m. CST. Orders placed after 3:00 p.m. CST will be shipped as usual.

Online Rates:

Shipping rates are base on UPS Posted Rates provide by UPS Online Tools, from our warehouse to your destination. Shipping and Handling is not refundable.

UPS International Service Guide:

UPS International:

1-3 Business Days Delivery typically by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. UPS Worldwide Express Plus
1-3 Business Days Delivery by 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 noon UPS Worldwide Express
1-3 Business Days Delivery by end of day UPS Worldwide Saver
2-5 Business Days Delivery by end of day UPS Worldwide Expedited

International Canadian Orders

11x17 Inc. ships orders to Canada everyday. Order process time is usually the same as for United States Orders. 11x17 Inc. accepts the same payment methods for Canadian orders, as our United States Customers. Product warranties and return policies are no different that our normal policy. Please keep in mind that Taxes and Duties for crossing the border are paid by the customer and are due at the time of delivery. For more information on International Taxes please read below.

International Orders (except Canada)

11x17 Inc. has made special arrangements to ship orders to our foreign friends. Order process time is usually a minimum of 5 business days. The only payment method we offer our non-Canadian international customers is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). 11x17 Inc. will provide qualified pre approved customers our international account information for the EFT. 11x17 Inc. will place the order on hold until EFT is approved and funds are deposited into our corporate account. All international sales (except Canada) are final, and any warranties on products and services are voided. Please keep in mind that Taxes and Duties for crossing the border are paid by the customer and are due at the time of delivery. For more information on International Taxes please read below. To view UPS TradeAbility International Tools click here.

International Shipping Cost:

11x17 Inc. estimates shipping charges with UPS OnlineCommitment ServiceDays DeliveryDays Deliverynoon UPSDays Deliveryday UPSDays Deliveryday UPS Tools based on either weight of merchandise or dimensional weight, which ever is greater. Should our estimations not cover the cost paid at the time of purchase 11x17 Inc. will notify customer that their order has been placed on hold and is awaiting additional payment information. Express orders are no exception to this policy. Shipping and handling is not refundable, nor negotiable.

APO Addressees:

11x17 Inc. can ship to your APO address. APO Address are no different than any other United States Order, except that 11x17 Inc. can only track the order until it reaches the APO address. Packages lost in transit between the APO address and the final address are not the responsibility of 11x17 Inc.

International Taxes:

11x17 Inc. does not include taxes and or duties in our international orders. Orders subject to taxes and duties are the responsibility of the customer and are due at the time of delivery. The delivery driver will not accept credit cards or cash, receiver must issue a check to the driver. Taxes and Duties are not refundable nor negotiable. If orders are refused and sent back to 11x17 Inc., buyer will only be refunded the cost of goods. To estimate International Landing Cost please click here.

Useful Forms and Links:

  • Blank NAFTA Certificate

Changing an Order

11x17 Inc. can change your order at any time before giving the package to the carrier driver. 11x17 Inc. prides itself on quick turnarounds and order process time, so your timely response is appreciated.

Changing an order before Shipping

In most cases you can call us with in hours of placing your order and we will be able to change your order with no additional fees. In certain cases, a fee may be required, especially when special packaging has been requested or required.

Changing an order while in Transit

11x17 Inc. can cannot change the contents of an order once the package is in transit.

Changing an address while in Transit

11x17 Inc. can change an address by using UPS Delivery Intercept. UPS's Delivery Intercept can re-route a package to another location for an additional fee of $15.00 per package. UPS Delivery Intercept services are at the request of the customer and any fees are paid by the customer and are not refundable.

Refusing a package at delivery

Refused packages are sent back to 11x17 Inc. and any additional service fees are payable by the customer including round trip shipping and handling cost. Once the package is received by 11x17 Inc. it then subject to our return policy.

Missing or Incorrect Information

Once an order is packaged the shipping department will attempt to create the shippinglabel. If the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, 11x17 Inc. will notify the customer of the information problem. The order will be placed on hold until the correction is received. Rush, and Express orders are no exception to this policy.

Filing Cabinet & Large Order Shipping Information

11x17 Inc. preferred LTL carrier is UPS Overnight LTL Trucking Company. Large orders including 2 Drawer Filing Cabinets (1117-2D-VF) are quoted with multiple carriers and carrier selection is based on Quality Management, Transit Time, and finally Price, in that order. LTL orders are still subject to International policies where applicable. If order requires LTL (Skid) shipping, customer needs to provide unloading capabilities: Loading Dock, Forklift.

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