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8.5 x 14 (Legal)

Keeping your documents protected is important, whether you're filing them away for storage or prepping them for an important presentation. At 11x17, you'll find the perfect 8.5" x 14" binders for all your legal paper needs. These unique binders have a landscape format, which can be hard to find at other office supply stores. The long, horizontal format is especially useful for presentations with lots of graphics or images and for landscape-oriented spreadsheets. Rather than turning a traditional binder to the side, get 8.5" x 14" binders that are already formatted for optimal viewing of these documents.

You'll find a wide variety of durable, high-quality 8.5" x 14" binders when you shop at 11x17. We offer hard binders that have heat-sealed vinyl around a heavy-rib hinge along with soft, flexible poly binders. You can choose from various colors and ring styles as well, including round ring, straight-D and angle-D rings. Find everything you need for you 8.5" x 14" legal paper at 11x17.

Ruby Paulina LLC

Ruby Paulina Round Ring Black Poly Binder (314610_312610)


For business trips and meetings on the go, nothing beats this lightweight and flexible 8.5" x 14" poly binder from 11x17. The design includes extended edges to conceal tab dividers and sheet protectors. Inside, 1" round rings keep your documents...

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Ruby Paulina LLC

Ruby Paulina 11x17 8.5"x14" Binder 2" Angle-D Ring Vinyl with Outside Pockets (317980_317910)


With this 2" binder from 11x17, you can easily store your 8.5" x 14" documents. The design makes it ideal for presenting landscape-format documents. Three angle-D rings are mounted on the inside, offering a higher page capacity compared to round rings...

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Ruby Paulina LLC

Ruby Paulina 11x17 8.5x14 1-Inch Angle-D Ring Vinyl Binder (315910_315980)


Because it features clear overlay pockets on the exterior, it's easy to add and update labels on this 8.5" x 14" binder. Heavy-duty straight-D rings inside hold more pages than traditional round rings, and because they're mounted on the back panel, your...

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Ruby Paulina LLC.

Ruby Paulina 14x8.5 Binder 1" Round Ring Poly (Black) (412610)


Use this handy 14" x 8.5" poly binder for keeping documents organized and protected. The polyethylene cover material is durable yet flexible, providing a lightweight solution for document storage. Longer edges accommodate all tab dividers and sheet...

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