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8.5 x 11

Are you ordering 8.5x11 paper for your office? Are you starting your own business from home? Regardless of your reasons, 11x17 Inc. has the office supplies and paper products that you need to properly run your business. All of our paper is of the highest quality. The 8.5x11 is an extremely popular size and it's always in high demand. We understand and give you the best choices. 

The size is more commonly known as the letter size and an office simply cannot run without a large, steady supply. We have the 8.5x11 ream of white copy paper that is an office mainstay. Need the letter size for a binder? Yes, we have that, too, and you can put away the hole puncher. 11x17 Inc. understands your time is limited. We offer the popular 8.5 x11 size with reinforced three holes that are ideal for binder use. 

Get your paper supplies in order at 11x17 Inc. today. There's no need to ever run out. We've got your paper.


11 x 8.5 Paper (Reinforced 3 Hole) (White)


Who has the time to punch holes in paper so it fits in a binder? When you run an office, time is of the essence. You need binder-ready paper that will not bunch up or rip out. 11x17 Inc. has exactly what you need. We carry 11x8.5 reinforced 3-hole white...

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8.5 x 11 Paper (Copy) (White)

$5.99 $5.79

It doesn't matter whether you have a large, small or home office, 8.5x11 white copy paper is a mainstay. 11x17 Inc. has exactly what you need; an economical, high-quality white copy paper. The popular letter size paper is a must have. You also need a...

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White Copy Paper

$39.00 $5.79

Get sharper, crisper images and richer colors when you use this white copy paper. Its smooth surface keeps dot gain to a minimum for more faithful rendering. With its brightness, your graphics will really pop out on the page for successful presentations...

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